A Pathway to Full Integration of Care for Medicare-Medicaid Beneficiaries

This YouTube conversation from BiPartisan Center is about to go live, it’s a discussion of people who qualify for both Medicare & Medicaid coverage in the USA & how to care for them better. As many people who have serious chronic conditions receive 1 or both types of coverage & BPC does a lot of legislative advocacy, I thought some here might find this talk very interesting & potentially helpful.

A blog followup of this conversation https://bipartisanpolicy.org/blog/boosting-the-first-line-of-defense-for-americas-most-vulnerable-population/

And yet another follow-up event you can attend virtually

Well done. I’m sneaking up on that age, so it’s time to start thinking about the game plan.

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I hear ya Jeff! Never too soon to plan for the future (& what I love about Bipartisan Center is their nonpartisan or unified/holistic way of looking at doing politics & studying & making policy).